Hip Replacement surgery in Pune

Hip Replacement Hip replacement surgery is a operation where a damaged hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic. This surgery is helpful for people ...
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Knee Osteporosis- Dr Hrushikesh Saraf

Manage Knee Osteoarthritis

If you are having Knee Osteoporosis meet up with Robotic Joint replacement consultant Dr Hrushikesh Saraf or call us to book a face to face consult...
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राेबाेटीक तंत्रज्ञान - एक वरदान

रोबोटिक तंत्रज्ञाना द्वारे गुडघ्याची/ सांध्याची सर्जर...
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Knee Exercise

Exercise to strengthen your knee joint

Knee joint is the most complex joints . Ligaments , menisci , cartilage etc make it vulnerable to many complex injuries .Osteoarthritis knee is the...
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Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

ROBOTIC SURGERY - FUTURE IS NOW PRESENTOsteoarthritis knee is the commonest cause of painful walking after age of 60. Sometimes after 45-50 years o...
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ARTHRITIS:Commonly known as joint pain  is one of the commonest disease observed in about 80 % of the population during their life span. Though al...
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Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Total knee replacement, or arthroplasty, is the relining of the joint (bone end surfaces) with artificial parts called prostheses. There are three ...
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Joint replacement
Joint replacement

Total joint replacement

WHY REPLACEMENT?Your joints are integral to keeping your body in motion. But when your joint causes you pain, everything you do suffers... playing ...
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Unicondylar Knee Replacement

Knee joint pain is commonest problem in old age patients. When we say old age then it is always above 60 years of age. But sometimes knee pain star...
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Knee Joint Pain -Arthroscopy -Useful Tool

knee joint pain though it is common in old age ; there are many reason to have it in younger age .Mainly fall from two wheeler , sport injuries , s...
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Hip Replacement Surgery Pune

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Are you looking for Hip Replacement surgeon in Pune? Hip joint the largest and most important joint. We use this joint day in and day out while s...
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Things You Must Follow After Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery is one of the specialised surgeries. For better results, after this procedure certain things patient must follow religious...
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