knee joint pain though it is common in old age ; there are many reason to have it in younger age .Mainly fall from two wheeler , sport injuries , sprain , are the common causes of pain in knee in young age groups .  
Knee is a complex joint and comprises of two menisci, four ligaments s, cartilage and many more things, Injury to any of these structures leads to painful knee joint , pain swelling and difficulty in getting up from sitting position or climbing staircase are initial symptoms .few patients came with locking of knee joint ---inability to bend knee or make it straight from flexed position .
Early diagnosis and treatment is helpful to save knee from further damage ."stitch in time saves nine". 
Arthroscopic procedures like meniscal repair , ACL reconstruction ,Loose body removal ,cartilage transplantation , mosaic plasty  are required in these situations . Most of the time when surgery is advised patients try to avoid it and that leads to further damage ;sometime irrecoverable .One day hospitalization and keyhole cosmetic surgery is what required to get back to your routine work .
Post surgery physiotherapy required to strengthen your muscle and get your range of movement back to normal . patients can do all routine activity and even go for sports after surgery .

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