Knee joint pain is commonest problem in old age patients. When we say old age then it is always above 60 years of age. But sometimes knee pain starts in early age. Reasons for early painful knee joint are genetic, post traumatic, long standing medial meniscus tear leading to cartilage damage, ligament injuries of knee, bad working habits etc.

When such pain starts in early 50 's and only medial compartment is damaged, best option is unicondylar knee replacement. It preserves all ligaments of knee, allows all movements like sitting cross leg. Also small hospital stay (one day ), small incision, and practically returning to routine work by 15 days make this procedure really helpfull for those patients for whom total knee replacement is not the suitable surgery for their age . 

Almost 10 years followup data is available for this surgery and it is becoming as popular as total knee replacement .

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