Osteoarthritis knee is the commonest cause of painful walking after age of 60. Sometimes after 45-50 years of age patient may start with pain which leads to difficulty in day to day activity.

Knee replacement surgery Or Uni knee surgery is the assured treatment for all these patients. Robotic-assisted knee surgery is the advanced latest technology used for knee replacement and partial knee replacement surgery. Robotic surgery not only adds to precision in surgery but it gives painless experience to patient from postoperative day one. Less blood loss, less complication like fat embolism, early recovery are just few of the other advantages of Robotic knee replacement surgery .

After robotic knee replacement surgery patients can start walking from the very first day. Most of them even don't require walking aid/support. Routine day to day activity like using washrooms, walking to the dining table, changing clothes can be done easily from the second day of surgery. Need of postoperative physiotherapy is much less or as good as nil after robotic knee replacement .

The success of  Knee replacement or any joint replacement surgery is totally dependent on how precisely that surgery is done .More the precision better the results and more the longevity of the new joint . So Robotic joint replacement surgery is definitely one step ahead of conventional knee replacement In short it is the future . 
If you are a patient or patients relative to Know more about Robotic Joint Replacement surgery meet Dr Hrushikesh Saraf Robotic assisted joint replacement surgeon in Pune

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