Ankle injuries are most common injuries amongst all . Starting from simple ankle sprain to major ligament injuries and fractures around ankle joint make it really vulnarable type of injuries.
Early diagnosis ,a simple investigation like Xray and prompt treatment with meticulous management helps to restore ankle function back to normal .lets see 7 important steps for early recovery 

             1.Immediate after injury Rest, ice fomentation ,elevation and crepe bandage support (RICE)

             2.Consultation with orthopaedic surgeon ,Xray and / Mri scan for diagnosis if required .

             3.REST by keeping non weight bearing /partial weight bearing on affected limb as per instruction of your surgeon .

             4. Plaster support for immobilisation may required in grade 2 ,grade 3 ligament injuries 

             5.For fractures you may need surgery and fixation of fracture with plate and screw .

             6.Regular follow up of instructions give by your surgeon is as important as surgery .

             7.Meticulous physiotherapy exercise to strengthen your ankle joint and get your range of movement normal . 

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