Knee joint is most complex joint: Four ligaments, two menisci, cartilage & patella (knee cap) adds to complexity of knee joint. As we know prevention is better than cure, protection and strengthening of knee joint is important.

Strengthening of muscles around knee joint by static and weight training exercise is of prime importance amongst all. Daily 15 to 20 min knee exercise with stretching of hamstrings and quadriceps is recommended for increased blood supply to knee joint. That not only provides nutrition to cartilage but also wash out the P factor responsible for inflammation and pain. Activities like jogging, skipping, swimming, and cycling are recommended for knee joint. They not only increase the strength of knee joint but increases the flexibility of joint . 

Diet has definite role and calcium rich diet along with vitamin D3 is good for muscles and bone. One fruit a day, proteins like egg proteins , soybean and pulses must be important part of daily food intake. 

Protection of knee joint mainly by those who are in sport activity. Trekking, marathon running, contact sports like football are prone for knee joint injury. Using proper shoes, knee braces, ice pack after sports /marathon, and proper relaxation for muscles by stretching is required.

Stitch in time saves nine, so, whenever there is injury to knee joint, consultation with orthopedic surgeon, Xray to rule out fracture ,medicines and rest or physiotherapy whatever is appropriate must be followed religiously.

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